Pre-Service Teachers


A Day in the Life of a Student Teacher In 2004-05, under support from a federal Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE) grant, MSCD and the Denver Public Schools (DPS) launched the Urban Teacher Partnership (UTP) aimed at the preparation of high quality middle and high school students for successful practice in urban and high-need schools. UTP's initial focus was in four content areas where DPS was making strategic changes in its curricula - mathematics, science, language arts and social studies. The design plan was for simultaneous reform - at the same time as the district made changes in instruction at the secondary school level, MSU Denver made complementary changes in its teacher preparation program.



Building a Committed Corps of Students Prepared to Teach in High-Need Urban Schools

UTP has built an impressive corps of college students committed to becoming the best and most effective teachers for the city's neediest children. Over the past five years, there have been approximately 360 students involved in the UTP program.

UTP Student Recruitment Chart


Deepening and Expanding the Experience of Pre-Service Students in Urban Schools

UTP students in the secondary teacher education program are required to spend 180 hours in urban schools prior to their student teaching assignments. During this time, students gain real life teaching experiences through high quality mentorship by MSCD faculty, cooperating teachers and designated school liaisons.

1st Field Experience –
EDS 3130: Foundations of Educational Psychology and Philosophy
EDS 3140: First Field Experience in Secondary Education

  • Currently two sections of EDS 3130 are taught in urban schools: Lake Middle School and Merrill Middle School
  • UTP students conduct 60 hours of field experiences in designated urban middle schools

2nd Field Experience –
EDS 3210: Classroom Management, Planning and Assessment in Secondary Schools
EDS 3240: Second Field Experience in Secondary Education

  • Currently, one section of EDS 3210 is taught in an urban school: East High School
  • UTP students conduct (60 hours of field experience in designated urban high schools)

Content Methods Field Experience –
This field experience practicum allows UTP students to gain experience in teaching within their major content area along side an experienced master teacher. All practicums require 60 hours of placement and are completed within one of the designated urban middle or high schools.

Student Teaching –
All UTP students complete their student teaching practicum during their last semester within one of the DPS partner schools. This practicum could be in either a middle or high school. See "A Day in the Life of a Student Teacher" video at the top of this page.


CUE Fellows Program - Strengthening UTP's Outcomes for Teacher Effectiveness

Through the developing Center for Urban Education (CUE), MSU Denver will strengthen the preparation of teachers for urban, high-need schools. The CUE Fellows program will involve a select cohort of pre-service students (early childhood education, elementary, secondary and Special Education) who have demonstrated high knowledge, special pedagogical skills, deep commitment, and strong attributes for addressing the educational needs of the neediest children. The CUE Fellows program will be launched in Fall 2010 with the first cohort of students selected to begin in Fall 2011.


Student Resources (Downloadable Documents)