School Projects

CUE provides students with opportunities to gain professional development and community service through a variety of projects.

Teaching and Learning Science the Family Way (Enseñando y Aprendiendo Ciencia con la Familia)

Young children are natural scientists and curious. They want to solve problems. Through the Center for Urban Education (CUE), pre-service teachers work in high-need urban schools to promote science inquiry in young learners (P-3). Metro State students in ECE 4330: Science, Health and Math for the Young Child host the annual Colfax Pre-School Sciences Fair for pre-school children and their parents. To extend the fun and learning beyond the classroom, teacher candidates prepare science experiment packets that contain instructions (in English and Spanish) and supplies that allow our young scientists and their parents to continue hands-on exploration when they are home.


CUE Tutors in The Zone

Exceptional pre-service students who participate in the Urban Teacher Partnership (UTP) have opportunities to further develop their teaching skills by working one-on-one or with small groups of high-need urban students in Urban Apprentice Schools and in the P-16 Zone for Student Achievement. UTP Tutors are needed in language arts and mathematics. Students with Spanish-language skills will be highly considered. UTP offers a limited number of paid positions at $15 per hour for up to 10 hours per week. Tutoring position requirements include:

  • GPA of at least 3.0.
  • completion of first field experience course in good standing.
  • students agree to abide by all Metro State student conduct and school policies.

Download the Tutoring Application here.

More tutoring opportunities through AVID program

Additional tutoring opportunities are available in the Denver Public Schools through the AVID program. Learn more about the AVID program here.

Several UTP students volunteered to help AVID students at Thomas Jefferson High School with CSAP during the Spring 2010 semester. Read more.

Contact the UTP office for more information about tutoring opportunities.

CUE Workshops

Each semester CUE offers an extensive series of informative workshops to enhance pedagogical skills above and beyond coursework in the teacher education program. Workshop topics are aimed at addressing the needs of teachers and students in urban schools. The workshops are completely free of charge for teacher education students and a certificate of attendance is provided to all students completing each workshop.

Click here to download a schedule of this semester’s workshops.

The Writing Center

Student in the Writing CenterThe Writing Center located at North High and Lake Middle Schools provide DPS students one-on-one coaching and classroom support in the area of literacy development. The Center is staffed by MSCD students registered within the ENG4620: Teaching Composition 7-12 course. An MSCD faculty member is always present at the Writing Center while MSCD English students are coaching DPS students. MSCD student tutors see benefits in the areas of developing better communication skills, gaining experience putting ideas into practice and ultimately becoming better writing coaches through practice.  

The Writing Center also offers writing contests, a Brown Bag Book Club, special topic visits by leading authors and poetry workshops.  

Computer Gaming Program

During the 2009 academic year, MSCD faculty and students collaborated with the Mi Casa Resource Center to develop and support a computer gaming program at Lake Middle School. This program is aimed at building literacy and math skills for DPS students.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor within this program, contact Professor Don Gilmore at

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