Community Overview

Engaged Communities

Working With the Community to Build Stronger Schools

For children to thrive and learn, it truly does take a village of supporters. That’s why CUE works closely not only with teachers and school administrations, but also with resources within the community that can help build stronger, more nurturing classrooms where children achieve their potential. These community groups include non-profit organizations, businesses, social services, and parent and community coalitions each committed to providing greater learning opportunities and resources in urban P-16 Zone schools. By involving the community at large, CUE can play a more impactful role for both children and families living in the area served.

CUE Featured in the Harvard Family Research Project's issue brief "Teaching the Teachers"

Over the past two years the Center for Urban Education has been working with the Harvard Family Research Project on strategies to encourage and support family and parent involvement and engagement in teacher education programs. The CUE is featured in a recently released issue brief published by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Family Research Project titled “Teaching the Teachers: Preparing Educators to Engage Families for Student Achievement”.

Download the report: Teaching the Teachers: Preparing Educators to Engage Families for Student Achievement (PDF 400 kb)

For more information, please visit the Harvard Family Research Project's webpage featuring the report: 

In addition, the analysis of the development of the CUE "A Case Study of the Center for Urban Education: Evolution of a Partnership to Prepare Urban Teachers" will be cited and included as part of the on-line resources available to readers. Click here to access the case study.