The CUE Strategy

Taking a Fresh Look at Urban Schools and Their Potential for Changing Lives

The Center for Urban Education (CUE) at Metropolitan State University of Denver embraces a unique, holistic strategy for educating children. This strategy centers on combining the services, resources and dedication of school, community and university partners to ensure that children in geographically defined, high poverty urban areas will thrive academically. Our goal is that students will not only become successful learners, but that they will also develop into community leaders beginning with quality early learning through college and into jobs. The CUE strategy is grounded on an urban-focused teacher preparation program that also extends to induction and on-going professional development as a means for increasing the achievement levels of children in urban high-needs areas.

Our strategy involves commitment and action from four distinct groups who work side by side for the betterment of education in Denver’s high-need areas. These groups include:

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • High-Need School Districts

  • High-Need Schools

  • Community-based Organizations

CUE is committed to helping ensure the most effective teachers enter urban preschools, elementary schools, secondary schools and colleges. Currently, a new model is being piloted in a specially designated region of Northwest Denver and will expand and grow to other communities as our successes mount.