Fairview Elementary

 Dear Fairview Elementary School Student and Parents:

Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in a special after-school program called the 21st Century College Readiness Center. The leaders and teachers at Fairview Elementary School believe that you have the talent to succeed and the 21st Century College Readiness Center will provide the tools and resources to help you start to build a vision for college, begin your preparation for college and direct you toward a college degree.

The 21st Century College Readiness Center is an after-school partnership between Fairview Elementary School and Metropolitan State University of Denver that is made up of three important programs:

·         After-School Program

o   Academic Tutoring

o   Enrichment Programs

§  I am a Scientist

§  Money Matters

·         Summer Program

o   College Readiness Institute

·         Family Engagement and Support Program

o   College Readiness Workshops

o   Campus Tours and Experiences

Enrichment Programs

 Money Matters: Students in this class will be involved in exciting activities and learn about how money is used and its value in our society. This class is offered by Young Americans Bank.

I am a Scientist: This program will build on our children's natural curiosity about thier environments.  Students will learn to become a scientist by asking questions, developing observation skills, creating theories, experimenting, and building their own science projects to share with each other and their families. 

Special Events and Announcements

Seasonal note: If the Denver Public School district has a snow day we will not have programming.  

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On February 8th, 2013 we celebrated MSU Denver's basketball homecoming.  Enjoy some of our pictures!

We had a pizza party before the games started!

We did a lot of cheering at the Women's game!


The elementary aged girls were very excited to meet the Metro State Cheerleaders.  They even signed programs for us!


The men's game against Colorado School of Mines ended abruptly about halfway through the first period.  We were excited and surprised when a slam dunk shattered the backboard glass!

See the video here:


Before we went home we even got a picture with Rowdy the Roadrunner!



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Lesson Plans

Click the links below to download a PDF of our current lesson plans:

Weekly Lesson Plans

I am a Scientist Lesson Plans

All Archived Lesson Plans


Here are pictures from a couple lessons:

Mystery MadLibs

Sentence Scrambles